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To celebrate the grand opening of our online store, enjoy free shipping on orders NT$3,500 and over. (Free shipping for frozen products is only available on the main island.)

With the goal of driving a sustainability social movement through the goodness of plant-based diets

mise en Plants, the urban supermarket with a sustainability goal, is officially open! By expanding on the philosophy of our flagship restaurant, Plants, we aim to create a more conscious lifestyle through the choices made in shopping

Since its establishment in 2016, Plants, a vegetarian restaurant in Taipei, has been dedicated to the philosophy of "Delicious, Healthy, and Sustainable." Over the years, our team has integrated the concepts of whole foods and sustainability into culinary practices. Offering healthy and tasty dishes not only contributes to personal well-being but also benefits the planet. Plants ensures that those following a vegetarian or gluten-free diet don't have to sacrifice the joy of dining, but instead have a diverse array of choices.


As Plants celebrates its seventh year, our team continues to turn ideas into actions. Following the publication of the recipe book "Plants Cookbook," this year marks the opening of our new store—mise en Plants. Taking the form of a "small supermarket," it focuses on selling pure vegetarian ingredients and sustainable selections. The aim is to provide a unique shopping experience for the residents of Taipei.

The saying "you are what you eat" truly reflects how one's health and lifestyle are interconnected. When dietary choices extend to various aspects of daily life, it becomes a conscious effort to contribute to a more environmentally friendly world. For those visiting for the first time, we recommend getting to know Plants through the simplest way—by eating. For both new and returning friends heading to mise en Plants, it is worth temporarily setting aside preconceived notions of an organic grocery store. Here, you will experience unprecedented anticipation that goes beyond your expectations.

Why is it called mise en Plants?

"Mise en" is a French phrase that means "to implement" or "to become." Meanwhile, "Plants" not only signifies plants but also represents the philosophy of "Delicious, Healthy, and Sustainable" embodied by Plants Eatery. In this small supermarket located in Taipei's Daan District, a wider range of wonderful selections are being prepared for you. The aim is to make life and dietary choices easier so that together we can embrace a more conscious lifestyle. The logo design also incorporates this concept, using clean lines resembling a house to neatly encircle the brand name. This symbolizes that the selections will be organized in the space, much like plants well-cared for in a greenhouse.


In the culinary world, "mise en place" means "everything in its place," referring to the collection and arrangement of all the necessary elements before cooking. In the film industry, "mise en scène" refers to "scene arrangement," a production technique in theater and cinema that essentially deals with visual themes or storytelling.


The term "mise en Plants" combines Lily's culinary background with Square's previous experience on film sets: mise en Plants aims to convey the idea that everything is ready and is now ready to begin.